Cànan agus Cultar: Gliocas Dhaoine/Language and Culture: A People's Wisdom

"A language is a flash of the human spirit.  A language is a vehicle through which the soul of every culture comes into the material world.  Every language is an old growth forest of the mind: a watershed of thought, an ecosystem of social and spiritual possibilities."
- Wade Davies
Wade Davies - The Wayfinders - Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in the Modern World
"Language is just an indicator of cultural loss...people always say, "Why does it matter if a culture disappears?"...the lesson of anthropology is that we are not talking here about romantic nostalgia.  We are not talking even about human rights.  We are really talking about geo-political survival.  Because if there is one lesson of anthropology it's that culture is not trivial - you know it's not decorative, it's not just songs and prayers.  It ultimately is a body of moral and ethical values that we place around the individual to keep at bay the barbaric heart that history teaches us lies just beneath the surface of all of us and of all cultures.  It's really culture that allows us as a social species to make sense out of sensation to find order and meaning in a universe that may have none." 
- Wade Davies
Wade Davies on The Wayfinders in interview with Allan Gregg

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