A`Seo (Here) by Lewis Mackinnon
  1. Ailein Duinn
  2. Alasdair MacColla Ùr
  3. An Gille Donn
  4. Mac Iain `Ic Sheumais
  5. Òran Dhan Phrionnsa
  6. Dòmhnall Òg 'us Mórag
  7. An Toll Dubh
  8. 's Gann Gun Dìrich Mi Chaoidh
  9. Ged A Sheòl Mi Air M' Aineol
  10. Fichead Bliadhna
  11. Òran Do Cheap Breatainn

by Lewis MacKinnon

A'SEO - is an all Gaelic album, produced by Lewis MacKinnon with acclaimed east coast singer/song writer Dave Gunning as Assistant Producer. It includes contributions from artists Dave Gunning, Brian England, Patricia Murray, Danny Sutherland, Scott Long, Troy MacGillivray, Betty Lord, An Cliath Clis, Randy MacDonald, Bradley McNamara, Keith Mullins, Kris MacFarlane and Jon Matthews. The CD liner is an 18 page insert with lyrics, photos and insights. In this album MacKinnon combines passion and perspective along with his powerful baritone vocals. This his most recent singing effort, offers interpretations of traditional material to inspire present and future generations of Gaelic learners, singers and composers.

“In the thirty-five years that I've been a professional folk musician I feel there have been some landmark recordings made of Nova Scotia's Gaelic music...Lewis MacKinnon's A'Seo may prove to be an addition to the list.”
- the late John Ferguson, Contributing Writer, Celtic Heritage Magazine



: gaelic, folk, cd, Dave Gunning, Brian England, Patricia Murray, Danny Sutherland, Scott Long, Troy MacGillivray, Betty Lord, An Cliath Clis, Randy MacDonald, Bradley McNamara, Keith Mullins, Kris MacFarlane, Jon Matthews

  1.  Braw Sailing
  2. Lachann's Blood
  3. Blue Green Bangle
  4. Little Musgrave
  5. Clare to Here
  6. Go. Move Shift.
  7. Dunmore Road
  8. Great Big Sea
  9. A Love Song
  10. The Setting
  11. Raven's Wing

by Lewis MacKinnon

This is a first foray into the all-English solo recording world and it is as much exciting as it is scary. Sometimes, there simply are songs that you want and would like to get out to a broader audience that convey themes that you don't always get to focus on during stage performances. Some of these are found in this recording. Nick MacDonald of PEI once told me that many good songs come from pain. I tend to agree and take the view that if the human condition was not one that was prone to “making more” of a given situation, then we would not have the incredible artistic expressions of the human collective: in all their variety, beauty and profundity.


: folk, solo, Lewis MacKinnon, english

Giant/ Famhair by Lewis MacKionnon

by Lewis MacKinnon

Gearr-Chunntas air a’ Leabhar

Théid a’ Ghàidhlig ’fhaicinn mar chànain bheothail; chan e fuidheall  choimhearsnachd ’na romansachd a th’ innte. Chuir Bàird Ghàidhlig beò agus  marbh ri stòras de litreachas Gàidhlig ’sa’ roinn seo, agus tha feadhainn  dhiubh a’ tairgsinn sealladh co-aosda, ach gu ruige seo, cha deach leabhar gu  buil a dhèanadh agus a thoirt a-mach gu luchd-éisdeachd nas fharsuing.

Mar sin tha Famhair ’na leabhar Gàidhlig na h-Albann Nuaidh de bhàrdachd  cho-aosda a’ dèanadh drochaid a’ chruthtìre chultaraich dhen a’ Ghàidhlig ann  an Ceap Breatuinn, de thìrmhór na h-Albann Nuaidh taobh an Ear, de  choimhearsnachd na Gàidhlig ann a’ Halifacs, agus de chogais-trusaidh mhuinntir  na h-Albann Nuaidh.

Rugadh Lodaidh MacFhionghain ’san t-Sìthean, Ceap Breatuinn, do athair aig a  bheil a’ Ghàidhlig agus do mhàthair a tha ’na h-Acaidhtidheanachd is aig a  bheil a’ Fhraingis. Chaidh a thogail air tìr-mór na h-Albann Nuaidh ann a’  Siorramachd Antaiginis. Foghlumaichte ’sa’ Bheurla, ré nan gnìomhan pearsanta,  acadaimigeach agus dreuchdail aige, chùm Lodaidh sùim ’san t-sinnsearachd  Ghàidhealach aige.

Book Synopsis

Gaelic  can be viewed as a living language; it is not a relic of a romanticized  community of the past. Both living and deceased, Nova Scotia Gaelic poets have  added to the store of Gaelic literature in this province, and some of these  offer a contemporary perspective, but to date, no complete volume has been  created and provided to a wider public audience.

Thus, Famhair: a Nova Scotia Gaelic book of contemporary poetry spanning the  cultural landscapes of Gaelic Cape Breton, the eastern Nova Scotia mainland,  the Halifax Gaelic community and the broader collective consciousness of Nova  Scotians.

Lewis MacKinnon was born in Inverness, Cape Breton, to a Gaelic speaking father  and a French Acadian mother. He was raised on the Nova Scotia mainland in Antigonish  County. Educated in English, throughout his personal, academic and professional  activities, Lewis has maintained an interest in his Gaelic roots.


: poetry, gaelic, poems, bilingual

  1. Drill Ye Terriers Drill
  2. Galway Races
  3. Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
  4. Bonne Loch Katrine
  5. Haul Away Joe
  6. Lark In The Morning
  7. Reilly's Daughter
  8. Oran Do Mac Iain Mhic Sheumais
  9. Boots In The Corner
  10. Four Green Fields
  11. Dunmore Road

by Jug In Hand

DUNMORE ROAD is JUG IN HAND's debut recording. It was recorded in 1997 at Solar Audio, Halifax, NS. Engineered and mixed by Hayward Parott. Performing on this album are: Lewis MacKinnon, Brent MacLean, George Wallace and Christine MacIsaac.

The title song "Dunmore Road" was written by Lewis MacKinnon. The album also includes original songs "Bonnie Loch Katrine" by Flora MacIsaac, Norman MacIsaac and Kenneth MacIsaac and "Boots in the Corner" written by George Wallace (who went on to play with Boys Next Door). 

There are even some cassettes of this one.


: jug in hand, orginal, Lewis MacKinnon, Brent MacLean, George Wallace, Christine MacIsaac

  1. Belfast Mill
  2. Wasn't That A Party
  3. Another Brick in the Wall
  4. Lovers in a Dangerous TIme
  5. Cracklin' Rosie
  6. The Unicorn
  7. Folsom Prison Blues
  8. Brennan On The Moor
  9. Peter Street
  10. Home For A Rest
  11. Piano Man
  12. The D.T.s (Delirium Tremens)

by Jug In Hand

DELIRIUM - The most recent band album features Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England and Jon Matthews.  There are 12 tracks in all, comprising many of your favourites from Jug In Hand's live show!

This CD is JUG IN HAND's current sound, and was recorded with Dave Gunning at Wee House Of Music and Riverfront Studios, Pictou County, NS. From Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd to the children’s classic "The Unicorn Song" – there is something here for everyone.   We are very excited about it and we really hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the support  - It is now in it’s second printing!


: jug in hand, Dave Gunning, Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England, Jon Matthews, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, covers

  1. Rocky Road To Dublin
  2. A Pair Of Brown Eyes
  3. Boys From The County Hell
  4. Nova Scotia
  5. Queen Of Argyle
  6. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
  7. Janna's Song
  8. Feat A' Bhata (The Boatman)
  9. Isn't It Grand Boys 
  10. Ailein Duinn (Brown Haired Allan)
  11. Little Beggarman
  12. The Dark Island
  13. Dandelion Wine
  14. Lower South River
  15. Wild Mountain Thyme

by Jug In Hand

SKULDUGGERY AND PROSE - a tribute to Jug In Hand's traditional roots influence, was recorded in 1999 at Solar Audio, Halifax, NS. Engineered and mixed by Harold Tsistinas. This production features Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England, Brent MacLean, Mark Bezanson and Anna Ludlow.

With original tunes "Nova Scotia" by Brian England, "Janna's Song" by Brent MacLean, two Gaelic Tunes, two fiddle tunes and the mention of many friends in the "Lower South River" song - it has proven very popular and has sold out twice - we still have a few copies from the third printing.


: jug in hand, gaelic, traditional, Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England, Brent MacLean, Mark Bezanson, Anna Ludlow

Do dh’Àrd-Shagart Ambrois 6|7 For Monsignor Ambrose
A’ Sàr-dhuine 8|9 The Super Man
Am Mórrígan 8|9 The Mórrígan
Am Pòsadh Deireannach 10|11 The Final Marriage
Fàs nam Blàthan 12|13 Flowering
Amsterdam 14|15 Amsterdam
Dòirteadh 16|17 A Spilling
Cupa air leth 18|19 A Unique Cup
Do Chaol Fundytus 20|21 For Kyle Fundytus
Fleodragan-cabair 22|23 Raft
Breith na Beatha 24|25 A Bearing of Life
Leisgeul “Eachdraidheil” 26|27 A “Historic” Apology
An Duan Mór ’na Duais 30|31 The Poem is the Prize
Par Pare Refero 32|33 Tit for Tat
Rann Anama 34|35 A Soul Verse
Pìob na h-Uilinn 36|37 The Uilleann Pipes
Rudan air Chall 38|39 Lost Things
Mealladh an Dòchais 38|39 Hope’s Deceit
Spreadhadh 40|41 Explosion
Stad-losgaidh 40|41 Ceasefire
Taobhan 42|43 Sides
Tha Dolph Lundgren is Mi fhìn Coltach 42|43 Dolph Lundgren and I are Similar
Gun Dachaidh air an t-Sràid 44|45 Homeless
Iongantasan 44|45 Miracles
Yin agus Yang 44|45 Yin and Yang
An Rud Mì-fhollaiseach 46|47 The Unobvious
Na Goireasan Unnad 46|47 Internal Resources
Bana-Ghaisgich na h-Albann Nuaidhe 48|49 Gaelic Warrior Women of Nova Scotia
Na Gillean 50|51 The Boys
Do Choinneach Nilsen, M’Oide 52|53 For Ken Nilsen, My Mentor
Déisein 54|55 Shocks
Muinntir an Fhacail is an Òran-chiùil 56|57 People of the Word and Music-Song
A’ cur Smal Air 58|59 Blurring
Saoghaltan 60|61 Worlds
Eaglais le Ainm Mì-riaghailteach 60|61 A Church with an Irregular Name
Tha sinn ’nur Pòlanaich cinnteach gu leòr 62|63 We are like the Poles sure enough
Fìrinn Shoilleir Bun os Cionn 62|63 A Flipped Axiom
Strì an Dochainn 64|65 Post Traumatic
Dheireannaich Stress An Suathadh 64|65 The Touching
Pìosan Ciùil 66|67 Pieces of Music
Eich M’athar 66|67 My Father’s Horses
Guth an Anama 68|69 The Soul’s Voice
Do Ruairidh Mac a’ Rìgh 70|71 For Rodney King
Bàrdachd Bheannaichte 70|71 Holy Poetry

by Lewis MacKinnon

Air féin-fhoillseachadh, ’s ann an Fleodragan-cabair leabhar de dhàin Ghàidhlig is eadartheangachaidhean dhiubh seo ’s a’ Bheurla.  Chaidh a’ leabhar air a chur air bhog ’s an Iuchar 2012 aig Féis Bhàrdachd na Comraich, Alba.
Self-published, Raft is a poetry book of Gaelic poems and translations of these in English.  The book was launched in July 2012 at the Applecross Poetry Festival, Scotland.


: gaelic, poetry, prose, Rodney King, Dolph Lundgren, Kenneth Nilsen, soul, love, desire

Clàr-innse ~ Contents
Roi-ràdh – ix –Foreword
Daoine Ar Gaoil – 1 –Beloved
Obair ’s an leth a-staigh – 29 – Internal Workings
Tha gach rud ùr a-rithist – 49 – All is new again
Chan eil a’ saoghal leinn – 63 – The World Isn’t With Us
Na tha do-fhaicsinneach – 75 – The Unseen
Eagal: Am biadh Easbhuidheach – 91 - Fear: the Dysfunctional Food
An t-anam: Combaist ann an dorchadas agus solust – 103 - The Soul: A Compass In Darkness and Light

by Lewis MacKinnon


Dhan fheadhainn aig a bheil a’ léirsinn do chànan agus chultar dhaoine mar rudan mì-bheanailteach a tha a’ fìor-lùib ann an bith-iomadachd agus an anam coitcheann beò na Cruinne-Cé.


To those who view a people’s language and culture as intangible possibilities intimately intertwined with the bio-diversity and collective soul-life of the planet.


: gaelic, poetry, Gaels, Nova Scotia, literature, songs, music, stories, culture