Making More of It

This is a first foray into the all-English solo recording world and it is as much exciting as it is scary. Sometimes, there simply are songs that you want and would like to get out to a broader audience that convey themes that you don't always get to focus on during stage performances. Some of these are found in this recording. Nick MacDonald of PEI once told me that many good songs come from pain. I tend to agree and take the view that if the human condition was not one that was prone to “making more” of a given situation, then we would not have the incredible artistic expressions of the human collective: in all their variety, beauty and profundity.

Track Listings: 
  1.  Braw Sailing
  2. Lachann's Blood
  3. Blue Green Bangle
  4. Little Musgrave
  5. Clare to Here
  6. Go. Move Shift.
  7. Dunmore Road
  8. Great Big Sea
  9. A Love Song
  10. The Setting
  11. Raven's Wing
Cover Image: 
Release Date: 
25 Nov 2010