A' Seo/Here

A'SEO - is an all Gaelic album, produced by Lewis MacKinnon with acclaimed east coast singer/song writer Dave Gunning as Assistant Producer. It includes contributions from artists Dave Gunning, Brian England, Patricia Murray, Danny Sutherland, Scott Long, Troy MacGillivray, Betty Lord, An Cliath Clis, Randy MacDonald, Bradley McNamara, Keith Mullins, Kris MacFarlane and Jon Matthews. The CD liner is an 18 page insert with lyrics, photos and insights. In this album MacKinnon combines passion and perspective along with his powerful baritone vocals. This his most recent singing effort, offers interpretations of traditional material to inspire present and future generations of Gaelic learners, singers and composers.

“In the thirty-five years that I've been a professional folk musician I feel there have been some landmark recordings made of Nova Scotia's Gaelic music...Lewis MacKinnon's A'Seo may prove to be an addition to the list.”
- the late John Ferguson, Contributing Writer, Celtic Heritage Magazine


Track Listings: 
  1. Ailein Duinn
  2. Alasdair MacColla Ùr
  3. An Gille Donn
  4. Mac Iain `Ic Sheumais
  5. Òran Dhan Phrionnsa
  6. Dòmhnall Òg 'us Mórag
  7. An Toll Dubh
  8. 's Gann Gun Dìrich Mi Chaoidh
  9. Ged A Sheòl Mi Air M' Aineol
  10. Fichead Bliadhna
  11. Òran Do Cheap Breatainn
Cover Image: 
A`Seo (Here) by Lewis Mackinnon
Release Date: 
23 Nov 2007


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Submitted by Lewis MacKinnon on Fri, 2012-12-28 09:55

I've listened to your CD over and over again.  Really, really good. The music you've added doesn't hurt the songs at all (even the sacred Ged A Sheòl....).  

Really enjoyed you keeping the old traditions alive by adding verses to An Toll Dubh .
Best Gaelic CD since Mary Jane Lamond's, "Suas E"!
Beannachd leibh,

Geoffrey May
Aiseirigh Nan Gàidheal
CKJM (Coopérative Radio Chéticamp Ltée)

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Submitted by Lewis MacKinnon on Fri, 2012-12-28 09:56

It's hard to explain the allure of a 'favourite' song: melody, yes - for all favourite songs must have melody — and vocals, too, are generally appealing. But how does one explain the fact that they don't understand a single word of their favourite song, and yet somehow, inexplicably, it touches their soul?  Such is the song Ailein Duinn for me. I first became entranced with Lewis's magic through his interpretation of this song with the band Jug In Hand. Here was this Gaelic song — although I have much Scottish heritage, I sadly speak not a word — that stopped me dead in my tracks and made me state, without hesitation, that this was the song I wanted played at my funeral. The song spoke to me not in simple words, but in passion.  Ailein Duinn is, simply, one of the richest, beautifully haunting songs one could ever dream to listen to.  With the new, solo version, Lewis has somehow managed to perfect what I always considered a perfect


Dave Brosha, Artist,