Lewis MacKinnon

Skulduggery and Prose

SKULDUGGERY AND PROSE - a tribute to Jug In Hand's traditional roots influence, was recorded in 1999 at Solar Audio, Halifax, NS. Engineered and mixed by Harold Tsistinas. This production features Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England, Brent MacLean, Mark Bezanson and Anna Ludlow.

With original tunes "Nova Scotia" by Brian England, "Janna's Song" by Brent MacLean, two Gaelic Tunes, two fiddle tunes and the mention of many friends in the "Lower South River" song - it has proven very popular and has sold out twice - we still have a few copies from the third printing.



DELIRIUM - The most recent band album features Lewis MacKinnon, Brian England and Jon Matthews.  There are 12 tracks in all, comprising many of your favourites from Jug In Hand's live show!

This CD is JUG IN HAND's current sound, and was recorded with Dave Gunning at Wee House Of Music and Riverfront Studios, Pictou County, NS. From Johnny Cash to Pink Floyd to the children’s classic "The Unicorn Song" – there is something here for everyone.   We are very excited about it and we really hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the support  - It is now in it’s second printing!


Dunmore Road

DUNMORE ROAD is JUG IN HAND's debut recording. It was recorded in 1997 at Solar Audio, Halifax, NS. Engineered and mixed by Hayward Parott. Performing on this album are: Lewis MacKinnon, Brent MacLean, George Wallace and Christine MacIsaac.

The title song "Dunmore Road" was written by Lewis MacKinnon. The album also includes original songs "Bonnie Loch Katrine" by Flora MacIsaac, Norman MacIsaac and Kenneth MacIsaac and "Boots in the Corner" written by George Wallace (who went on to play with Boys Next Door). 

There are even some cassettes of this one.


Making More of It

This is a first foray into the all-English solo recording world and it is as much exciting as it is scary. Sometimes, there simply are songs that you want and would like to get out to a broader audience that convey themes that you don't always get to focus on during stage performances. Some of these are found in this recording. Nick MacDonald of PEI once told me that many good songs come from pain.


Raft - a self-published work of Gaelic poems with English translation is launched

’S ann an Fleodragan-cabair, an darna leabhar bàrdachd aig Lodaidh.  ’S e dàin Ghàidhlig a th’anns a’ leabhar le eadar-theangachadh dhan a’ Bheurla.  Cuspairean a’ toirt a-staigh ceartas a’ cho-chomainn, bàs Ruairidh ’ic a’ Rìgh, dìoladh, obair an anama, maitheanas, dreuchdan-oide is miann.  Air a fhéin fhoillseachadh, chaidh Fleodragan-cabair air a chur air bhog aig Féis Bhàrdachd na Comraich, Alba ’s an Iuchar 2012.