When my parents announced that we were moving cities I was very nervous. Having lived in my current home all my life, I had never thought of anywhere else as home. Moving means making new friends and adjusting to a new environment. The thought of finding a new school also filled me with trepidation.

I am a well adjusted student, an all-rounder. I am in the cheer leading team and swimming team. I have also received accolades for excellent academic performance. I am the chair of journalism club and treasurer of the debating club. I enjoy school and it is the part that I cherish most. Since we were moving at the beginning of the holidays I begged my parents to show me the list of prospective schools around the new city.

I fell in love with your school the minute we visited. Everyone was so courteous and professional. I loved the buildings as well but what caught my attention was the curriculum. I love the fact that you have well qualified tutors. I also liked the practical aspect if your content delivery because after every topic we have to go through a practical lesson in the field. This automatically enhances learning by enabling one experience the actual lesson learnt.

Your clubs and other extracurricular activities are attractive as well. I browsed through the journalism club website and went through the school magazine. I must admit that it was all very professionally done and I was impressed. I look forward to becoming an active member of the club. I like it that you have a swimming gala every term and I look forward to joining that team. I am also interested in your memorial library. This, I am sure will offer interesting reads for the avid reader in me.

Through your summer camp volunteer program I will be able to travel to different parts of the world and offer charity services to under privileged women and children in other continents. Your school also offers an opportunity to learn Spanish and French languages which are important in pursuit of global careers. I am also interested in securing an exchange program as this will enable me to interact with different students from other countries. It will also help me understand diverse cultures and education systems. The fact that you have guidance and counseling programs as well as career counselors is also a plus for me.

I am hardworking and determined to become a renowned journalist one day. An opportunity to learn in your school will provide a good breeding environment for this dream to hatch. That you have produced many other renowned professionals is evidence enough that I can make my dreams come true through your curriculum. I know that moving schools and changing environments can be a tough venture but your school already feels like home to me. I feel like I will be able to adjust easily in this environment. This is what I need to make my transition successful. I look forward to hearing from you.

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