The first day I met Linda, her were swollen with crying, and her face was disfigured with swellings. Her husband of eight years had battered her the previous night. However, Linda did not entertain the thought of moving out. “What about my children?” Was her only question then she would break down. As stupid as it seemed for Linda to stay with her abusive husband, it was not easy to shut the door and walk away. Unfortunately, Linda represents millions of victims on domestic violence across the world. It left me thinking that anyone involved with domestic violence should be sentenced to life imprisonment. In my opinion, we would have lower rates of domestic violence. If you are soliciting argumentative essay topics on domestic violence, you already have yourself one; people who impose domestic violence should be sentenced to life imprisonment.

What is an argumentative essay topic?

Brilliant question! An argumentative essay is a piece of academic writing, that conveniences the reader to buy the writer’s point of view. For example, in reference to the above illustration, you as a writer is required to convenience the audience why people who practice domestic violence should be sentenced to life imprisonment. As such, it is astute to select argumentative essay topics which provide sufficient supportive material. Consequently, when selecting argumentative essay topics on domestic violence, you are required to write an argumentative essay in relation to domestic violence.

Besides topics on domestic violence…

Besides argumentative topics on domestic violence, there are different types of argumentative essay topics. Some of them include; Argumentative essay topics on abortion, argumentative essay topics on politics, Argumentative essay topics on gender equality, Argumentative essay topics on science and the list is endless. Argumentative essay topics on abortion demand that you write an argument to convince the reader to buy your point of view in relation to abortion. An example of an argumentative essay topic on abortion is; abortion should not be legalized.

Qualities of strong argumentative essay topics

Whether you are selecting argumentative essays on abortion, or domestic violence, they must have the following attributes;

  • Interesting
  • Relevant
  • Provide enough material and evidence to support your argument
  • Must have impact on your target audience

Examples of argumentative topics on domestic violence

  • Domestic violence is a killer of the society
  • Individuals practicing Domestic violence should face life imprisonment
  • The government should implement on domestic violence education more often
  • Places of worship should embrace domestic violence education

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